Pediatric Services

The Pediatric Development services at the North Texas Rehab Center are designed to make therapy fun.  Children receive physical, occupational and speech/language therapy in a “kid friendly” environment.

Physical Therapy

Children receiving physical therapy services get individual attention and group treatments focused on improving motor skills, range of motion, strength, balance and other skills. The program also includes our sports injury clients and traumatic injuries (car accidents) as well as developmental disabilities.  The setting is age appropriate.  We have a children’s physical therapy gym with a ball pit, swing and lots of mats to tumble and play.  There’s a playground outside, a computer lab and workrooms. Activities are tailored to diagnosis, developmental age and areas of concern.  Our goal is to achieve more normal development and participation in learning and play.

Family participation is very important.  Parents and other family members are included in planning, home programs and in determining equipment needs.




 Occupational Therapy

Many children with a variety of backgrounds and concerns attend the Center in hopes of improving the skills they need in their everyday life such as feeding, dressing and interacting with others.

Occupational therapists and their assistants can help improve self-care areas while also helping to improve independence with school tasks including handwriting, fine motor coordination, and areas of play that may include developing social skills or sensory integration.  Sensory integration involves using play to help the brain register and process information including vision, hearing, touch, taste, smell and movement.  Examples of this are using deep pressure, spinning exercises, and sampling different tastes and textures.

Many parents choose NTRC occupational therapy services in addition to school-based occupational therapy and some choose our services alone.  We do our best to work around busy school schedules to provide parents with treatment times that are best for them.  We provide quality, individual contact with each child and incorporate the parent’s needs and concerns along with the child’s unique interests in treatment to maximize the best outcomes.



Speech/Language Therapy

For children with difficulty communicating, speaking, or swallowing, the North Texas Rehab Center provides extensive Speech Therapy program administered by highly trained professionals.

Before becoming a part of the program, children are evaluated to determine what their communicative needs may be.  They can receive therapy for articulation (difficulty being understood), language (difficulty finding and using the appropriate words or understanding spoken instructions), voice (harsh vocal quality), stuttering (speech that is not produced fluently), hearing or listening impairments (difficulty hearing or understanding all sounds and verbal interaction), and swallowing problems (chewing, eating, choking, etc.).

Our Speech Therapy is “kid-friendly” and often involves games, songs, toys, individual and group activities and large playground equipment.

Through therapy, children can learn to improve all aspects of their speech and communication as well as swallowing.