About Us

The North Texas Rehabilitation Center has a 75-year tradition of improving the lives of children and adults with disabilities in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma. Established in 1948, the North Texas Rehabilitation Center is a nonprofit, outpatient facility that provides quality medical and educational rehabilitation services to children and adults with disabilities in 23 counties of North Texas and Southern Oklahoma.

The Rehab Center helps clients with disabilities resulting from birth defects, accidents, diseases, head or spinal cord injuries, strokes, etc. All types and degrees of disability, for all ages, are treated at the Center. We are certified for Medicare, Medicaid, Workers’ Comp, and most commercial insurances. We are recognized for excellence. The Center provides a continuum of care that promotes the whole-health concept from rehabilitation through wellness and preventive services. 

The Aquatic and Wellness Center, located inside the Rehab Center, is a full-service gym that provides wellness programs, aquatic therapy, and exercise to help clients and members maintain good health and physical independence.


Mission Statement
To improve the quality of life for children and adults in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma through medical rehabilitation, as well as developmental, educational, and wellness services.


  • Integrity – to openness, honesty, and accountability
  • Good Stewardship – the prudent management of resources (dollars, materials, and people)
  • Respect – for the dignity of the individual, whether a current or prospective client, physician, donor, volunteer or staff member
  • Beyond self – to the genuine needs of the people of our service area
  • Continuous quality improvement