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Sports Medicine

The Sports Medicine team at NTRC is made up of licensed athletic trainers, physical therapists and occupational therapists. 

Our goal is to ensure that our athletes are fully recovered from any athletic injury before they return to the game.  We offer the following:

  • Post injury follow up visits
  • Athletic event coverage
  • Injury prevention

We currently work with Archer City, Petrolia and Windthorst schools for all their Sports Medicine needs.  The Sports Medicine team also serves as clinical instructors for the Midwestern State University Athletic Training Education Program.  The Athletic Training students have a Therapeutic Modality and Therapeutic Exercise clinical rotation with our Athletic Trainers and Therapists.

Year Round Training- 12-24-7 Program

The Sports Medicine team also provides year round athletic training through our 12-24-7 program.  This program is beneficial for junior high, high school and college athletes looking to strengthen and improve during the pre, post and off season of their sport.  This training can improve strength, speed and agility and endurance.  For more information on this program contact Tim Thomas at 940-687-4970.

Summer Camp

What are you going to get bigger, stronger, quicker for next season?  The Sports Medicine team at NTRC has the program to get you ready for  your upcoming season, no matter what the sport.  12-24-7 High Performance Camp is designed to help you find that “reserve physical potential” hiding inside of you.  It involves:

  • An Individualized evaluation
  • Closely supervised workouts designed to meet your individual needs
  • Constant re-evaluation

This program will help you increase your potential to become a stronger, quicker, more agile athlete who knows how to compete and WIN on a whole new level.  For more information contact Tim Thomas at 940-687-4970.

Team Swim

The benefits of deep water exercises and power swimming are no secret. As a total body exercise, water exercise is unequalled as a cardiovascular training tool. In deep water, athletes can push into training phases that would normally take a toll on their bodies and on your practice time.  Deep water routines also develop power and strength while placing virtually ZERO STRESS on their joints, producing a maximum workout with minimum chance of injury. No muscle group goes untouched in our Deep Water Exercise & Power Swim routines. You will even notice an increase in flexibility in the chest, back, hips, and legs.

Our professional staff has taken the time to develop an exhaustive routine designed to maximize performance. By adding a one hour per week deep water and power swim session to your fall training regimen, your team can: ADD POWER...STRENGTH...ENDURANCE...FLEXIBILITY …all of which add up to peak performance and more wins. And that’s the whole point. Plus, you get the invaluable benefits of an intense cross-training regimen that cannot be equaled in an indoor environment that is out of the heat.

Our Deep Water Exercise & Power Swim classes are limited to 30 participants per class and classes will be formed on a first-come first-served basis, so don’t wait. The cost is just $5.00 per athlete per session.  Call Tim Thomas at 940-687-4932 and ask for more information or sign your team up for Texoma’s only Deep Water Exercise & Power Swim.

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