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Academic Services

Academic Therapy

 Services are offered for children once they reach school age. It is designed for children who are struggling with school and reading skills. The areas we address are reading, spelling, math, phonemic awareness and memory, decoding, word recognition, rate, fluency, accuracy, written expression , reading comprehension, and STAAR tutoring. We offer testing for dyslexia and several other learning disabilities.

This program offers a wealth of benefits. Children learn to understand that their conditions are not a reflection of their intelligence and learn to recognize them as their specific style. They are taught how to deal with their conditions and learn ways to accommodate and overcome them. The clients self-esteem is enhanced and they are better able to achieve educational goals.

AD/HD Clinic

The Rehab Center offers a bi-weekly Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder Clinic for children dealing with
educational or behavioral problems due to this disorder.  The main purpose of this clinic is to help local physicians with the diagnosis of ADHD and ADD.

When a child is scheduled for this clinic, there are several steps to this process.  First, an intake is scheduled where a case history and a Connors rating scale is completed.  This rating scale asks the parent to document what behaviors are seen and how often they are noted. This enables us to get a profile of the child and see what areas of concern are present.

Next, an appointment is scheduled and the child comes in for clinic for a developmental test in the areas of speech/language, fine motor and academic/reading. This gives us a bird’s eye view if there are other problems present that could interfere with school success and behavior in the school setting.

The family then will have an hour appointment with our psychologist, Dr. James Snowden.  A licensed psychologist since 1988, Dr. Snowden is the former director of the Wichita Falls MHMR and is currently with the Clinics of North Texas. He has been with this clinic since 1991.

During this hour appointment, Dr. Snowden will ask the child about school, home and friends. He is often looking for behavioral patterns outside the school environment. He then will ask the parents questions concerning academic failures and successes, behaviors, parenting styles, home environment, friendships, relationships with teachers and other activities the child is involved in. Teachers’ notes and rating forms are also helpful in this consultation.

Following these interviews, Dr. Snowden and the educator meet for a consultation on the child based on history, notes, and that day’s performances and impressions. A letter and report are then sent to the referring physician and the family on the recommendations made for this day. This will hopefully assist the doctor with determining if the child meets the criteria for ADHD or if there are other factors present interfering with the learning process.

The ADHD clinic is made possible thanks to a generous grant from the Gene Conley Foundation.

The Irlen Method

The Rehab Center also offers screening for the Irlen Method. Our academic therapist is the only certified Irlen screener in this area. The Irlen Method corrects a unique perceptual processing problem using Irlen Special Filters, worn as glasses or contacts, or by using colored overlay sheets. The Irlen Method can help your child achieve better comprehension, improved flow and fluency while reading, improved concentration and higher self-esteem.

You do not need a doctor's referral for most academic services.  If you think your child would benefit from academic services, please contact the Rehab Center at (940) 322-0771 to schedule an assessment. 

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