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The North Texas Rehabilitation Foundation is working diligently to build a stronger tomorrow for clients of the North Texas Rehab Center. As each year passes, changes in health care reimbursement threaten the depth and breadth of care that the community has come to expect. An increase in philanthropic funding is essential to the Rehab Center’s ability to keep costs reasonable for clients, to stay competitive in hiring and retaining experienced therapists, to continue to offer sponsored services to those who qualify, and, in short, to maintain the high-quality resource on which so many depend. 

“When I was going through a very hard time physically, and nothing that doctors tried was helping, my therapist at the North Texas Rehab Center turned my life around. And, as I healed, working out and doing the exercises my therapist taught me in the warm water pool, I watched other lives turning around, too. I watched little children with various disabilities make great progress without even seeming to know that they were learning and developing through their therapy- they were just having fun, playing with an encouraging adult friend. Among all ages, I think hope grows in that pool. Friendship grows too, between therapists and clients and others. Laughter echoes in the room. With excellence and encouragement, therapists and assistants at the Rehab Center make a big difference for people both in water and on land. North Texas Rehab Center’s cutting edge help and technology are accessible to all, because of the generosity of others. That’s a cause worth supporting!”

-Marjorie Paker, Campaign Co-Chair