Therapy Staff

Alex Gibson

Speech Language Pathologist MS, SLP- Intern Texas Tech Health Science Center

Rachel Ramirez

Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant COTA Santa Ana College, California

Rachel Graham

Speech Language Pathologist MS, SLP-Intern Texas Tech Health Science Center

Jennifer Ward

Speech Language Pathologist MS, CCC-SLP West Texas A&M

Matt Schneider

Physical Therapist Assistant PTA, Mercyhurst North East, Pennsylvania

940.322.0771 ext. 171

Lindsey Taylor

Physical Therapist DPT, Hardin-Simmons University

940.322.0771 ext. 159

Drew Koetter

Physical Therapist DPT, Texas Woman's University

940.322.0771 ext. 230

Louis Favorite

Physical Therapist Assistant PTA, Chattanooga State Technical College, Tennessee

940.322.0771 ext. 143

Magan Moore

Physical Therapist DPT, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

940.322.0771 ext. 186

Landrey Lemons

Occupational Therapist OT, University of Texas at Galveston

940.322.0771 ext. 137

Debbie Williams

Physical Therapist PT, Texas Tech University, Health Sciences Center

940.322.0771 ext. 218

Amanda Harris

Speech-Language Therapy Assistant B.A., SLP Assistant, University of North Texas

940.322.0771 ext. 168

Trevor Taubert

Physical Therapist Assistant PTA, McClennan College

940.322.0771 ext. 120

Beth Barnard

Academic Therapist Diagnostician, Midwestern State University, Texas Tech University

940.322.0771 ext. 131

Suzan Campbell

Speech Language Pathologist MS, CCC-SLP, University of Oklahoma

940.322.0771 ext. 212

Zack Smith

Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant COTA, Southwestern Oklahoma State University

940.322.0771 ext. 209

Betty Reichert

Speech/Language Pathologist MA, CCC-SLP, Wichita State University

940.322.0771 ext. 228

David Henslee

Physical Therapist PT, Texas Woman's University

940.322.0771 ext. 223

Colleen Taubert

Physical Therapist MPT, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

940.322.0771 ext. 156

Sandra Ferguson

Speech Language Pathologist M. ed, CCC-SLP, University of Central Oklahoma

940.322.0771 ext. 213

Crystal Chang

Licensed Professional Counselor/ Social Worker MA, LPC/LBSW in Counseling, Midwestern State University

940.322.0771 ext. 182

Josh Call

Physical Therapist Assistant PTA, Western Technical College, Wisconsin

940.322.0771 ext. 184